The Original NES Launch Featured in Unlocked: The World of Games Documentary

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The original NES launch is featured in the upcoming documentary Unlocked: The World of Games. The series will debut on December 15th 2016, and will feature a special interview with Shigeru Miyamoto, who’s Super Mario Bros. provided the NES with its first killer-app. The series is scheduled to air only weeks after the successful launch of Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition, which was recently given a retro launch party in New York (similar to the NES’s original launch party back in the 80’s)  Unlocked: The World of Games will feature firsthand stories from a variety of video game icons, celebrities and technology experts. See a description from the series website below along with a video discussing the history of the original launch of the NES.


Video games have gone from an obscure science experiment in the early 1960’s to the biggest entertainment medium on the planet. Unlocked: The World of Games, Revealed is an all-new groundbreaking documentary series that provides firsthand stories by industry icons, celebrities, consumers, and field experts on the culture, technology, history, and future of the video game industry.


You can pre-order Unlocked: The World of Games by visiting their pre-order page here.


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