Pokemon GO Update 12/6/17 Adds New Pokemon & Dynamic Weather System

Pokemon Go weather updates

The latest update to hit Pokemon GO provides dozens of new Pokemon to the augmented reality game, along with a new dynamic weather system. The dynamic weather system will affect how Trainers discover, catch and interact with Pokemon in the real world. For example, the world map will be updated with weather visuals representing the current weather in your local area. Weather can have a direct effect on catching Pokemon. For example, when it rains water type Pokemon will be more numerous and plentiful. Weather can also strengthen or weaken different Pokemon types – rain can weaken Charizard while a sunny day can strengthen him. In the next few weeks Pokemon GO trainers will be able to catch Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip and others. For more details of all the changes and updates please visit the official Pokemon GO details page here.



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