Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Producer Writes Message for Fans

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Production Notes

The general producer of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Tetsuya Takahashi) has written a message to fans. The Switch RPG just released last week, and already has received many good reviews, with a current score on Metacritic sitting at 84/100. The written message to fans goes through some of the details of the game, including the story and the importance of following the main protagonist’s (Rex) perspective on the events in the game.  We encourage all fans of Xenoblade Chronicles to read this interesting message from the producer of one of the Switch’s best games yet! We’ve pasted a small sample of the message below along with a link going to the full article.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Rex & Girl


Hi, this is Tetsuya Takahashi, executive director of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 which finally made it safely to launch!

Young-Adult Fiction & Boy Meets Girl
The basic story of this game revolves around a feeling similar to a novel told in first-person. While many countries and factions appear in the game, information such as scheming between countries or political sagas have been omitted from the narrative as much as possible because this information is not directly available to the protagonist, Rex. We wanted to create a story that follows his perspective.


Read the full message by Tetsuya Takahashi on Nintendo’s website.


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