Rare Super Nintendo PlayStation CD Controller Available at Auction

Rare Super Nintendo Sony CD Attachment Controller

A rare piece of Nintendo/PlayStation history has become available for sale. An original PlayStation Prototype Development SNES-CD controller with the serial number DTL-H500C is currently available on eBay. The controller is authentic and was used during the development of the Super Nintendo CD collaboration between Nintendo and Sony during the early 90’s. The current price tag for this rare piece of Nintendo history is currently set at $8999.00. We saved the auction listings photos – see them below. We’ve pasted the official listing below.


PlayStation Prototype Development SNES-CD Controller DTL-H500C Super Nintendo CD

This prototype PSX/SNES-CD controller was likely used with SNES CD hardware before the famous Nintendo and Sony’s breakup. The controller is well documented on the early Sony Development hardware list and is extremely sought after by both Sony and Nintendo’s collectors. This is the crown jewel of both Sony and Nintendo collecting.



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