Super Mario Cereal is Real, Spotted On Target Inventory System

The Super Mario Cereal is Real

The Super Mario Cereal with included amiibo reported on earlier this week is real, as revealed by a Target Inventory Checker. Twitter user Infin also received confirmation from Kellogg’s about the cereals existence, which is scheduled to only release in North America at this time. The price listed on Target’s inventory for the Super Mario Cereal is $3.14.




Reddit user ziiigg also uploaded a picture of the back of the Super Mario Cereal box, see below.

Back of Super Mario Cereal Box


The amiibo functionality is located on the back of the box. Using a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con you scan the the back of the box where the amiibo logo is located. The amiibo works with Super Mario Odyssey for the Switch. So are you ready for a Super Mario breakfast? Let us know in the comments below.

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