New Trailer for Wizard of Legend on Nintendo Switch

Wizard of Legend Nintendo Switch

A new trailer for Wizard of Legend was published today. The interesting looking dungeon crawler is set to release on the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2018. Featuring over 100 unique spells and an original art style, Wizard of Legend looks like a promising couch co-op game. The game is also releasing on PC (Steam), PS4 and Xbox One. Watch the “Spell Slinging Trailer” for Wizard of Legend below.


Description from the Developer behind Wizard of Legend – Grab a friend and tackle the Chaos Trials together in Wizard of Legend’s couch co-op mode! Jump head first into the action in an all out offensive or strategically equip your wizards with spells and items that compliment each other’s play-style. The battle is not over when your friend is downed in battle. Defeat multiple enemies in a display of skill to grant your partner a chance to rejoin the battle!


  • Fast paced spell slinging combat!
  • Over 100 unique elemental spells to discover and unlock!
  • Procedural  generated levels with both random and pre-crafted rooms mean a new challenge every time!
  • Dynamic bosses and enemies that gain new abilities as you play
  • Endless customization with hundreds of relics and outfits to unlock!
  • Two player local co-op




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