Super Mario Cereal With Special amiibo Box Possibly Spotted

Super Mario Cereal by Kellogg's

First reported by, a possible collaboration between Nintendo and Kellogg’s on a Super Mario cereal might be true. A photo of the alleged cereal has been posted, and features artwork from Super Mario Odyssey. On the front it claims the box is a special amiibo and should be tried with Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch. The box showcases typical oat stars surrounded by delicious marshmallow power-ups like 1-Ups, ?-blocks and other common Super Mario symbols. claims to have received confirmation that Kellogg’s is indeed producing the Super Mario cereal. So far neither Nintendo nor Kellogg’s have stated anything on the Super Mario themed breakfast. We’ve reached out to Kellogg’s via twitter to confirm the products existence. For amiibo collectors this would mark the first time Nintendo has produced an amiibo attached to a real food item.


Super Mario Cereal Box

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