Super Mario Run Makes $30 Million Dollars in Under a Month

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Super Mario Run Is Running the Sales Charts – Over $30 Million Dollars Generated

Super Mario Run is already making big money for Nintendo, with the game analyst firm Newzoo announcing that the iOS app has already been downloaded 90 million times. Out of the 90 million downloads only 3.4 percent (about 3 million) actually forked up money to buy the full game. With the price of $9.99 this comes to about $30 million dollars in revenue, not bad for under a month on the app store. While the attachment rate for those that purchase the full game is in the lower percentile the numbers don’t include Android users, who have to wait for Super Mario Run to hit the Google Play Store. Super Mario Run was one of the most downloaded games during the holiday season, with the app releasing on December 15th, 2016. So close to the Christmas holiday, the app most definitely experienced a surge thanks to new iPhone / iPad owners looking for something to download.

Last month Nintendo announced Super Mario Run pre-registration for Android users. As of right now Super Mario Run is only available on iOS devices. We’ll have to see how the numbers shift for the app when Android users get a chance to download it.


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