You Can Now Create Kid / Child Nintendo Accounts

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Nintendo announced today that parents can now create Nintendo Accounts for children under the age of 13. Up to five children accounts can be managed through the parents main account. Nintendo’s goal with allowing for child accounts is to allow kids to have fun earning and using My Nintendo points on their own accounts. Parents will receive email notifications whenever a purchase is made on a Nintendo system, Nintendo website or through an app on a smart device (like Miitomo or Super Mario Run). Before this account type update Nintendo restricted who could create a Nintendo account based on age, requiring users to be over the age of 13. Now parents can create child accounts that give the parent / guardian better transparency into what their children are doing with their Nintendo accounts and Nintendo devices!

How to setup a Child / Kid Nintendo Account

  • To create an account for your child, log in to your own Nintendo Account. If you don’t yet have one, you need to create an account for yourself first.
  • Select “Child accounts,” and then “Create an account for a child.”
  • Follow the instructions to complete the account creation. You can add accounts for up to five children.
  • Share the User ID and password with your child so that he/she can use the account.

Visit Nintendo’s Account page for more information on Nintendo accounts, My Nintendo, Nintendo Network and other policy information.




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