Bayonetta 3 Announced as Switch Exclusive During The Game Awards

Bayonetta 3 Nintendo Switch

Bayonetta 3 is a Nintendo Switch Exclusive! Bayonetta 1 & 2 also Getting Switch Release

Sega & Platinum Games announced that their developing Bayonetta 3 as a Nintendo Switch exclusive. No details we’re given other than a vague teaser trailer (see below). With Bayonetta 3 confirmed as an exclusive, Nintendo is making additional inroads in shaking their family friendly nature. It also confirms that 3rd parties are taking the Switch seriously. This is also the 2nd Bayonetta game to become a Nintendo only game, with Bayonetta 2 being a Wii U exclusive back went it released.

Bayonetta 1 & Bayonetta 2 we’re also announced for the Switch. The two Wii U games are being ported to the Switch, and will release on February 16th, 2018. Bayonetta 2 will come in a physical/retail form, while the original Bayonetta will be a download only.

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