Doom Graphics Nintendo Switch Vs. PS4 Counterpart Impresses Many

Doom Background Nintendo Switch Gun

When it comes to graphics it looks like the Nintendo Switch is competing well against the more powerful PS4. Doom was announced for the Switch during a Nintendo Direct video earlier this week. A graphical comparison has been done by certain people in the media, including journalist Mike Brown. See the comparisons below.



There is a definite difference in the quality of the textures & lighting on the Switch version of Doom vs the PS4’s version. With Bethesda porting Doom to the Switch it proves that the latest Nintendo console has enough horse power to play the most current games. Bethesda did admit to US Gamer that the Switch version sports a unique custom built engine, and that gamers shouldn’t expect a “one to one” in comparing the graphics of Doom on Switch with the PS4 or other consoles.


graphics comparison Doom Switch & PS4
Switch Vs PS4 Graphics


What are your opinions on the graphics of Doom for the Switch. The trailer showcasing the graphics is limited in size. There’s a good chance the game will look even better when we get our hands on it later this year.

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