Animal Crossing North American Release Celebrates 15 Years

15 Years of Animal Crossing

Fifteen years ago the first Animal Crossing released in North America. The original Gamecube game released in North America on September 15th, 2002- 15 years ago! At the time Animal Crossing really surprised people with its addictive Sims/Harvest moon style gameplay. Even Nintendo is commenting on the game’s 15th year anniversary here in North America with a special tweet.


The very first Animal Crossing was released in Japan on the N64 back in 2001. Animal Forest was the original Japanese name for Animal Crossing. The North American Gamecube version is an upgraded port of the original N64 version. There are a total of 4 Animal Crossing games, along with two spin-off titles. See the list below.


Animal Crossing (Main Series Titles)

  1. Animal Crossing – Released on the N64 (Japan Only) & Gamecube.
  2. Animal Crossing Wild World – Released on the DS back in 2005.
  3. Animal Crossing City Folk – Released on the Wii, and was one of the few games to support Wii Speak- Nintendo’s failed internet chat device.
  4. Animal Crossing New Leaf – Released on the 3DS back in on June 9th, 2013 in North America. Last year (2016) provided a free update for Animal Crossing New Leaf called Welcome amiibo.


Animal Crossing (Spin-Off Series)

  1. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer – Released in 2015 on the 3DS
  2. Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival – Released on the Wii U back in 2015


Original Gamecube Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing Box Art


What awesome moments have you experienced when playing one of the entries in the Animal Crossing franchise. Let us know using the comments below.

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