DOOM Nintendo Switch Release Date Spotted On Best Buy Canada Website

Doom on Nintendo Switch

The Canadian Best Buy website has a release date for the Nintendo Switch version of Doom posted. According to the Best Buy product page, Doom for the Switch is suppose to release on December 15th, 2017.

It should be noted that this could just be an error, or a filler/temporary date that Best Buy uses. We checked the American Best Buy website and noticed that it didn’t even have a listing for DOOM on the Switch. The Doom Amazon product page still has the December 31st, 2017 release date listed, which is a common temporary release date the company uses on products they don’t have release date info for.


Release Date Doom Switch

Earlier this week an online Czech retailer posted that the game was set to release on December 13th, which is a Wednesday. The December 15th date makes more sense, considering many of the games that release on Nintendo systems typically release on Thursday/Friday.

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  1. Seems more plausible than the Dec 13th date reported earlier this week.

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