Nintendo Switch Gear Club Unlimited Physical Release GameStop Exclusive

Gear. Club Unlimited Nintendo Switch

It looks like the Nintendo Switch physical/retail version of the upcoming racing game Gear Club Unlimited is going to be a GameStop exclusive. A notice at the top of the game’s product page on the retailer’s website for the physical version reads “Gear Club Unlimited – Only at GameStop”. A physical copy was confirmed awhile ago for North America, but details weren’t given at the time of the game’s announcement. To give Nintendo fans the royal treatment, the developer Microïds is releasing Gear. Club Unlimited first on the Nintendo Switch! The release date is set for November 21st, 2017.



For Switch racing fans it looks like Gear Club Unlimited could provide one of the best racing experiences on the Switch. With over 400 different races and 200 tracks Gear Club is packed with content.


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  1. It looks promising. Usually buy my games at GameStop anyways, so not a big deal that its a GameStop exclusive.

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