Fortnite Season 5 Brings Motion / Gyro Controls to Nintendo Switch Version

Fortnite Season 5 Brings Motion / Gyro Controls to Switch Version

You’ve probably been reading or experienced many of the latest changes introduced in Fornite’s Season 5. But did you know that Epic Games included a special update for the Nintendo Switch version? Tucked away in the official Fortnite Season 5 Patch Notes is a special line referring to Motion & Gyro controls for the Nintendo Switch version of the game. Season 5 brings along motion & gyro control options accessible in the main settings menu in Fortnite. We’ve already started playing with the new motion controls and find them fairly responsive and accurate. If you haven’t already you’ll need to update Fortnite via the Nintendo Switch home menu.

Fortnite Season 5 is bringing along a ton of new changes, weapons & season pass unlockables. Along with the changes Season 5 has also brought along many new changes to the Fortnite map. A new desert location called Paradise Palms is now located in the south-eastern part of the island along with a new vehicle called the “All Terrain Kart”. You can read & react to our text version of the full Season 5 Patch Notes on our Forum.

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