Highlights From the Nintendo Switch Indie Game Showcase Event

Switch Indie Games

Yesterday the world was presented with the Nintendo Switch Indie Showcase event, which introduced over 60 indie games. Many of the highlighted indie games are from well established studios, many of which released high quality games on the Wii U eShop. The wide variety of games along with some timed exclusives & features makes the Switch indie lineup one of the best for 2017. Here are the highlights from the Nintendo Switch Indie Showcase event.


Runner3 – Releasing exclusively on the Nintendo Switch sometime this fall is the third entry into the Runner series of games staring CommanderVideo. While we’re waiting on the game to release check out the concept art & music for Runner3.

Runner 3 Screenshot Foodland

Developer : Choice Provisions

Release Date : Fall 2017


SteamWorld Dig 2 – Image & Form Games is continuing its popular SteamWorld series with SteamWorld Dig 2. Players will dig deep into the earth to uncover treasures while exploring an underworld full of new dangers.

SteamWorld Dig 2

Developer : Image & Form Games

Release Date : Summer 2017


Yooka Laylee – The spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie attempts to recapture the magic of 3D platforming fun. Full of large / beautiful worlds, Yooka Laylee reinvents the buddy-duo system best remembered in the Banjo-Kazooie franchise. A special multiplayer mode was also mentioned during the indie showcase.

Yooka Laylee Concept Art

Developer : Team 17 & Playtonic Games

Release Date : Coming Soon / Summer 2017


Blaster Master Zero

Side-scrolling top-down view combat for the Nintendo Switch! A special two-player mode and other charter cameos coming soon after launch. Blaster Master Zero is a Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS exclusive. The game also comes out less than a week after the Switch launches worldwide on March 3rd, 2017.

Blaster Master Zero Nintendo Switch

Developer : Inti Creates

Release Date : March 9th, 2017


Pocket Rumble – A 2D fighter coming out before Street Fighter 2 The Final Challengers. Pocket Rumble incorporates HD rumble, allowing players to feel a wide range of rumbles with every punch, kick and take downs. The graphics and gameplay style are inspired by the Neo Geo Pocket Color, a failed color handheld that went up against the Game Boy Color in the late 90’s. What makes Pocket Rumble even more special is that it’s a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

Pocket Rumble Switch Screenshot

Developer : Chucklefish Games & Cardboard Robot Games

Release Date : Somtime March 2017


Flipping Death – Death is on a vacation and the people of Flatwood Peaks need your help with ghosts & spirits. Players will play as Penny and attempt to help ghosts with their problems.

Flipping Death by Mistress Boat
Developer : Zoink Games

Release Date : Later 2017


Mr. Shifty –  An action game that follows a variety of gameplay types. Move through bullets, walls while taking down enemies. Mr. Shifty also utilizes the Switch’s HD rumble, allowing players to feel every punch while they attempt to survive.

Mr. Shifty Nintendo Switch Pic

Developer : TinyBuild & Team Shifty

Release Date : April 2017


Wargroove – A turn-based strategy game offering local and online matches. Up to four players can take part in different strategy based scenarios.

Wargroove Nintendo Switch Screenshot

Developer :  Chucklefish Game

Release Date : Later 2017


Stardew Valley – Once scheduled to release on the Wii U, Stardew Valley was recently cancelled for the Wii U. Now the popular country lifestyle RPG is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

stardew valley nintendo switch

Developer : Chucklefish Games & ConcernedApe

Release Date : Summer 2017


Shakedown Hawaii – The 16-bit spiritual successor to Retro City Rampage claims to be bringing twice the bits. Playing several angles of various white collar crimes, players will attempt to build an empire by monopolizing markets and playing around with the game’s destructible sandbox.

Shakedown Hawaii Nintendo Switch

Developer – vBlank

Release Date – April 2017


Overcooked Special Edition – Playing through a variety of challenging kitchens, Overcooked Special Edition is coming to the Nintendo Switch. The special edition will include all the DLC released in other versions. The game is also utilizing the Switch’s HD rumble.

Overcooked Special Edition Switch

Developer : Team 17 and Ghost Town Games

Release Date : Later 2017


The Escapists 2 – The popular prison escape series comes with drop-in / drop-out co-op fun, supporting up to four players.

The Escapists 2 Nintendo Switch

Developer : Team 17 and Mouldy Toof

Release Date : Later 2017


Graceful Explosion Machine – Piloting a GEM (Graceful Explosion Machine) fighter, players will play through a variety of side-scrolling levels. Graceful Explosion Machine supports HD rumble, letting players feel their machines explode. The game is also a timed exclusive, releasing first on Nintendo Switch.

Graceful Explosion Machines

Developer : Vertex Pop

Release Date : April 2017


Tumbleseed – A physics game starring a small seed who’s heading up a mountain to save his home. Featuring the HD rumble of the Switch, players will feel the sensation of seeds traversing across their screen.

Tumbleseed Nintendo Switch

Developer : aeiowu

Release Date : Spring 2017


GoNNER – A random generated platformer with roguelike elements. The story centers around the friendship of Ikk, Death and a space whale. The game promises to be very hard, with the developers promising you’ll die a lot. The Nintendo Switch will be the first to get a release of GoNNER, with a timed exclusive. Additional DLC is planned for later this year.


Developer : Raw Fury and Art in Heart

Release Date : Later 2017


Dandara – A 2D platforming action game that features a very unique art style, along with an edgy atmosphere. The game looks like a cross between Castlevania and other contemporary action platformers.

Dandara Nintendo Switch

Developer : Raw Fury and Long Hat House

Release Date : Summer 2017


Kingdom: Two Crowns – Rule a kingdom with up to one other friend. Players play the role of a king, and attempt to attend to their kingdom. Players will discover a variety of surprises along with threats.

Kingdom 2 Towns Nintendo Switch

Developer : Raw Fury and Noio

Release Date : Later 2017


For more information on the Nintendo Indie Game Showcase for the Switch click here.


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