I Am Setsuna is Now a Nintendo Switch Digital Launch Title

I am Setsuna - Nintendo Switch Screenshot

Already set to release in March, I am Setsuna is now a Nintendo Switch launch title. The game’s release will come in the form of a digital download game.

The Nintendo Switch just gained another launch title, with I am Setsuna now adding itself to the first day roster of Switch games. I am Setsuna will be available as a digital only game on March 3rd, 2017. It adds itself to a list of six other games that currently are slated to release on the same day as the Nintendo Switch launch. The current number of Nintendo Switch games available on day one is now up to seven. I am Setsuna is the first digital only game to release on the Switch. So far all the other launch titles are available in retail or digital download forms.



Developed by Tokyo RPG Factory and published by Square-Enix, I am Setsuna is a turned based RPG which released on the PlayStation 4 and Steam last year.


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