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Game details for I am Setsuna for the Nintendo Switch.

Game Name : I am Setsuna
Release Date : 03/03/2017
Publisher : Square-Enix
Developer : Tokyo RPG Factory
Official Game Website :
Genre : Role-Playing (RPG)
Players : 1 Player
System : Nintendo Switch
Also On : PlayStation 4, PC
Review Score : N/A

MSRP : Not Available
UPC : Unknown
ASIN : Unknown

Official Game Description

To maintain peace, once a decade, a sacrifice was offered to a fiend on the island. However, one year, the fiend grew violent before the next sacrifice was due. Those living on the island were afraid and tried to calm the fiend by offering a sacrifice; Setsuna, chosen because of her powers of enchantment. Setsuna must leave with her safeguards for the farthest land, where the ceremony of sacrifice will be held.


Colosseum Mode – Available as a future DLC, players can take on the parties which other players have developed


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I am Setsuna - Nintendo Switch Screenshot I am Setsuna - Nintendo Switch Screenshot I am Setsuna - Nintendo Switch Screenshot

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