JRPG Shadows of Adam Releasing on Nintendo Switch

Shadows of Adam, Switch Screenshot A

Today Circle Entertainment announced its partnering with Something Classic Games to bring the JRPG Shadows of Adam to the Nintendo Switch. The announcement didn’t provide any specific Switch related details (like a release window) other than the game’s development. The game was originally released for PC (Steam) in 2017. See some screenshots and the official announcement tweet below.


  • 16-bit JRPG glory with a modern design
  • 10-12 hours of gameplay (12-14 if you never figure out how to run)
  • Delicious graphics (consume raw at your own risk)
  • A deep, character-driven story with lots of humor
  • Blazing fast battles that will set your pants on fire
  • No random battles. Monsters are on screen, waiting for you to thrash them!
  • Four playable heroes with unique skills
  • Save anywhere! (In case you get the sudden urge to start replaying Final Fantasy VI.)
  • Inspired music you will find yourself humming twenty years from now



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