RPG Maker MV for Switch & PS4 Spotted on Amazon Mexico Website

RPG Maker MV Spotted on Switch & PS4

Recently RPG Maker MV for the Switch & PS4 was spotted on the Amazon Mexico website. The links for the Switch & PS4 versions of the game no longer redirect to an actual product page, meaning Amazon has removed the game for now. The pages we’re alive long enough for some users to take screenshots of the North American box art. This does confirm that the game will release in North America – nice!
RPG Maker MV is being published by NIS America. The game will continue the long tradition of letting users create & share their own RPGs as the series has done since the 90’s. RPG Maker MV is being released for the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4. No release date is set but since Amazon Mexico listed the game just hours ago it could mean the game is almost ready for release.

SOURCE: Vgchartz.com

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