Fire Emblem Heroes Update 2.6 Now Available

Fire Emblem Heroes Update Version 2.6 Out Now

Update version 2.6.0 for Fire Emblem Heroes is available now, adding new accessories, weapon skills and adjustments to the popular mobile game. A long list of changes and expansions to many of the games modes are being implemented in the latest update. Nintendo announced earlier this week that players who took part in the most recent Re-Tweet Event would be receiving a Feh Doll Accessory when version 2.6 released. Along with adding a variety of new content, Nintendo’s also patched some bugs in Fire Emblem Heroes. These include the following:

  • When logging in, the speed at which the Notifications are displayed has been increased.
  • If the results of an event have not been viewed, there will be a “!” icon displayed on the corresponding event.
  • Future Grand Conquests will indicate the points earned for an area after battle.
  • The weapon-type icon will be displayed for bonus allies in the Arena and Tempest Trials.
  • For summoning events that begin after the update, the colors of the featured Heroes’ summoning stones will be displayed.
  • A problem with the skill Spd Feint has been fixed. Heroes with Feint-type skills equipped can now use Rally skills on Heroes that have already had their stats boosted by other skills. Additionally, Heroes with Feint-type skills can have Rally skills used on them even if their stats have already been boosted. (Stat boosts from Rally skills will not stack, and each stat will have a limit on how much it can be boosted.)

Other Version 2.6 Updates & Adjustments

  • Accessories for Heroes’ Mini Units
  • Accessories will be available in events, quests and more.
  • New Weapon Skills (Tap Learn Skills in the Ally Growth Menu)
  • Allies Menu Separated into Related Categories
  • Catalog of Heroes & Hero Merit List Moved From Misc Menu to the Interact with Allies Menu
  • Auto Learn Function Added to Learn Skills
  • Now Use Eight Types of Favorite Marks for Your Heroes
  • New Changes to Arena Assault Scoring
  • Easier Shards and SP (More Shards When Leveling Up)
  • More Shards Available in the Training Tower
  • New Home Screen Labels to Make Newcomers to Fire Emblem Heroes Less Overwhelmed by the Choices

For more information on Fire Emblem Heroes version 2.6 visit the official news announcement found in the source below.


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