Splatoon 2 Available Now on Nintendo Switch

splatoon 2 quick jump

Splatoon 2 is now available for the Nintendo Switch. The follow-up to the hit Wii U game, Splatoon 2 brings new maps, modes and options. Announced back in November 2016, Splatoon 2 surprised fans worldwide by being a direct sequel to the original Splatoon on Wii U instead of a remake or upgraded version. Splatoon 2 released yesterday (July 21st, 2017) on the Nintendo Switch.


Whats Cool in Splatoon 2?

  • Custom Splatoon 2 tournaments using wired LAN connection – up to 8 systems and 2 spectator slots
  • Supports both TV mode and Handheld mode
  • Online Matchmaking
  • New weapon categories, including special weapons
  • Better single player mode with co-op (2-player)
  • More clothing and other special items


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