Super Mario Odyssey Items Return to Super Mario Run

Mario Items in Super Mario Run

A Mega event is running in Super Mario Run for mobile devices, featuring the return of Super Mario Odyssey items. Items like the Cappy Statue, Chain Chomp Statue are available prizes for players who defeat the Gold Goombas mega event. Nintendo’s been releasing freqent updates for Super Mario Run since its release for iOS devices back in December 2016. Since its release the game has been released on Android devices and seen several new updates including adding new characters, the ability to play music from your devices library while playing and more. Super Mario Run is available for Android and iOS devices.

This isn’t the first Odyssey/Run crossover. Back in June of last year (2017) Nintendo released several unlockable Odyssey items for Super Mario Run, including Hammer Bro and Goomba statues. What do you think of this latest update? Do you play Super Mario Run frequently? Let us know using the comments below.



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