Splatoon 2 Team Chaos & Team Order T-Shirts Coming to Nintendo Store Soon

Splatoon 2 T-Shirts

Nintendo tweeted that 2 new t-shirts will soon be available on the Nintendo’s online store. While few details we’re given, the announcement did come with a picture preview and a release date. You can order your Team Chaos or Team Order T-shirts some time in mid-July. No price or other details we’re given, but this could be your only chance to buy some real in-game clothing in real life! Recently Nintendo also announced the final Splatfest for Splatoon 2 which is set to take place in July. Called the “Splatocalypse”, players can choose between Team Chaos or Team Order. The final Splatfest will begin at 5 a.m. PT on July 18. Let us know what you think using the comments below.


SOURCE: Nintendo

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