Super Bomberman R Update 2.1 Adds a Variety of New Content

Super Bomberman R Update 2.1 Adds Characters, Stages and More

The latest update for Super Bomberman R is here, bringing new characters, stages, accessories and game options. To promote the update’s release, Konami put together a trailer showcasing the latest additions. A total of nine characters and three new stages are included in the latest update. Accessories from the Metal Gear, Contra, Origami and Cat series of game franchises are also included. A new “Checkpoint” rule adds a type of speed mode to the Bomberman formula.  Read the offical update details below along with the 2.1 update trailer. Super Bomberman R is available on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

A major update to SUPER BOMBERMAN R has rolled out on PS4®,Xbox One,Steam (PC) !
New stage “Mother Base” and new “Checkpoints” rule are added!
Furthermore, new characters are available now!

– Solid Snake Bomber
– Naked Snake Bomber
– Raiden Bomber
– Bill Bomber
– Lance Bomber
– Vic Viper ZERO Bomber
– Ayako Katagiri Bomber
– Ebisumaru Bomber
-Xavier Woods Bomber

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