Octopath Traveler, Walkthrough Part 1, Ophilia the Cleric

Octopath Traveler Walkthrough

This is part 1 of our walkthrough for Octopath Traveler. We’re starting off with Ophilia the cleric from the frostlands. Ophilia is the adoptive daughter of the archbishop of the Order of the Flame. We’ll be acquiring other main characters on our quest. This walkthrough DOES INCLUDE SPOILERS – of course! If you haven’t please subscribe to our YouTube Channel. The following video tutorial is slightly over 1 hour & 20 minutes long.




We’ll be adding new parts to our Octopath Traveler walkthrough everyday for the next few weeks. We’ll be adding three new characters to the walkthrough over the next few days along with some other tutorials. Please leave comments and suggestions in the comments below.

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