Epic Should Bring These Changes to Fortnite Season 6

Epic Should Make These Changes to Fortnite Season 6

When it comes to worlds most popular battle royale game Fortnite remains king in terms of number of daily players and monthly revenue. Being the #1 battle royale franchise has us hoping Epic will make the following changes and additions to Fortnite Season 6. According to SuperData (a games & interactive media intelligence) Fortnite has made 1 billion from in-game purchases to date. For consoles Fortnite’s Battle Royale still remains #1 for digital revenue totals for May 2018. With the game now on every console currently on market (PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch) it should be expected that Epic will do whatever is needed to keep the game relevant, fresh and fun. Here’s our list of suggestions for Fortnight Season 6, which is scheduled to take place after season 5. Season 5 lasts until September 25th, so expect Fortnite Season 6 to start on September 26th.

Bring Stats to the Nintendo Switch version of Fortnite

You can currently view stats on websites like fortnitetracker.com for the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions of Fortnite. Unfortunately Nintendo Switch users are still out of luck in terms of viewing any stats for their account. This could easily be remedied before Fortnite Season 6. Hopefully Epic works on its stats api soon so Switch users can view their stats for Fortnite.


Bring Back the Fortnite Playground

Towards the end of Fortnite Season 5 Epic released Fortnite Playground mode. This fan favorite allows players to build forts and play around on a Fortnite island unhindered by the complications caused by team death mayhem. Epic likes to make changes to the line-up of game modes in the selection screen, so this fun sandbox free-mode could come back before Season 6, but if not hopefully Epic decides on making it a permanent fixture in Fortnite.


More Team Sizes & Modes

There are a variety of different team configurations Epic has played around with when adding new modes to Fortnite. The 8 teams consisting of 12 members each made for some interesting matches during Season 5. Mixing up the teams in additional ways, 10 member teams, or 3 teams of 33 would be interesting. If only Epic could figure out how to increase the number of players allowed per match. Imagine a 100 vs 100 battle royale!


More Vehicle & Gun Models

Epic introduced a new Golf Kart (battle kart) to Fortnite at the start of Season 5. Epic is sure to add additional gun models and hopefully new vehicles in Season 6. Something in the mold of a Halo Warthog with a built-in machine gun would be nice.


Allow Switch Users to Stream Fortnite to Twitch & Other Streaming Networks

For PS4, Xbox One and PC users streaming Fortnite to Twitch, YouTube and other social media platforms is fairly easy. For Switch users this isn’t the case, as Nintendo has yet to provide for a streaming solution for the Switch. While the Switch does have a social/share button, it only covers basics like taking screenshots and taking short 30-sec video clips. While Nintendo may take forever on coming up with a way to stream games natively from the Switch Epic could circumvent the issue on the Switch. How you ask? Epic could add something to Fortnite Season 6 for Switch users that would funnel their play session through a 3rd party service or possibly something Epic makes. The Switch has the horsepower to stream games – so this should be solved by Nintendo. But if Nintendo takes too long hopefully Epic comes up with something – maybe by Fortnite Season 6.

What changes would you like to see come to Fortnite Season 6? Let us know using the comments below.

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