Octopath Traveler Nintendo Switch Walkthroughs

Octopath Traveler Walkthrough, Ophilia Part 2 Chapter 2

This is the 2nd part of our Ophilia. You can read part 1 of Ophilia’s story here.

In the second part of of Ophilia walkthrough for Octopath Traveler we enter Saintsburg to light the sacred flame located at the local church. The video walkthrough runs slightly over 1 hour and 20 minutes. This covers the 2nd chapter in Ophilia’sstory. There is some cross dialogue between Olberic and Ophilia – a rare treat as the main 8 characters in Octopath Traveler seldom interact.

Locations, Secrets, Monsters & Bosses
• Shrine of the Healer Location
• Chapter 2 Boss Fight
• Monster Weaknesses
• Side Dialogue Between Other Characters
• Unlocking Additional Level 2 Cleric Spells for Ophilia
• Unlocking Additional Warrior, Merchant and Scholar Skills & Spells

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