Octopath Traveler Nintendo Switch Walkthroughs

Thanks for visiting our Octopath Traveler Nintendo Switch walkthrough! We’re adding new walkthrough videos and guides daily. We’re concentrating on getting all of our character walkthroughs uploaded before the end of July. We’ll be adding additional guides for all 8 characters along with other info on Job, Classes, Side Quests and other secrets & strategies. Please use the comments below to leave us any advice or secrets you find when playing Octopath Traveler for the Nintendo Switch.

Octopath Traveler Main Characters Walkthrough

The follwing guides and walkthroughs cover the 8 main characters playable in Octopath Traveler. We’ll be adding more video walkthroughs fore each character.

Ophilia the Cleric – Walkthroughs


More Tutorials and walkthroughs coming soon.

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