Will the NES Classic Edition Outsell the Wii U?

Nes classic edition

Today’s launch of the NES Classic Edition might be just what Nintendo needed, as the system is apparently sold out everywhere. Nintendo hasn’t experienced such a response since the launch of the original Wii back in 2006. So how will the sales figures for the NES Classic Edition compare to the Wii U? With both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS failing to achieve the same numbers as their predecessors (Wii & DS) its never been more crucial for Nintendo to find success through some other means. With the NES Classic Edition it can recapture a portion of the video game market, by reengaging older players who remember the NES with fond nostalgic memories. Nintendo is also hoping that the value (30 games, low price, system & controller) will propel people to purchase it’s mini NES console.

Value Sells

Priced at $59.99, the NES Classic Edition is a sure bargain. Compare the 30 games included with the NES Classic Edition to the download price of Virtual Console games on the Wii & Wii U. On the Nintendo eShop many of the NES games are priced at $4.99, for all 30 it would come out to about $150. Many consumers will see the value in buying a NES Classic Edition. While the main selling point of the Wii U wasn’t the Virtual Console it does point to a serious flaw in Nintendo’s pricing scheme for downloadable games. Hopefully Nintendo plans on dropping the price for each NES game on the Wii U eShop to better compete with the titles included with the NES Classic Edition.

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Big Media Buzz

The NES Classic Edition will likely outsell the Wii U easily thanks to the massive amounts of online / social media buzz the mini console has received since it’s announcement earlier this year. Compare the media buzz of the NES Classic Edition to the Wii U and the two couldn’t seem farther apart. While the NES Classic Edition has enjoyed much love even before it’s release, the Wii U has been treated like an unloved step child, having more criticism thrown any other console since the Virtual Boy. Without the media the Wii U was doomed to sell low numbers. The NES Classic Edition will likely do better than the Wii U due to the positive response by the industry, and the lower price point.

Online Scalping Drives Demand

One could argue that online scalping helps create additional buzz for an item online. Look at the PS2, Wii, DS and other video game systems and you’ll see a pattern among scalping and consumers demand for a system. Day one for the NES Classic Edition already has scalpers putting the system online at outrageous prices. Nintendo has stated that a ample supply would continue to be pushed out to stores throughout the holiday season. The holidays play a critical role for Nintendo software and systems, so expect huge marketing by the big N all season long. With the Wii U just about done in terms of selling hardware we can expect the system to sit around 13.5 million for it’s total lifetime sales. The NES Classic Edition will likely pass that number easily by next year sometime, maybe even before the release of Nintendo’s next home console – the Nintendo Switch.


What are your thoughts? Will the NES Classic Edition outsell the Wii U? If so by how much? Let us know using the comments below.

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