Minute of Islands Featured in the Indie Minibooth at PAX West

Minute of Islands screenshot

If your attending the PAX West convention this year (August 30th – September 2nd) you may want to check out Minute of Islands. The comic styled platformer is being developed by Studio Fizbin and is releasing on consoles and PC via publisher Mixtvision.  Players will solve environmental puzzles featuring hand-drawn comic-style visuals. The game is set to release on PC and consoles sometime early in 2020. You can find the official press release and trailer below.


Munich, Germany – August 8th – Publisher Mixtvision has partnered with Studio Fizbin to
take players on an adventure through the enigmatic world of Minute of Islands on console
and PC in early 2020. The game places players in a strange and beautiful archipelago,
polluted by dangerous spores. The only thing keeping the series of islands safe are
mysterious antennas built when Giants lived alongside people. But the machines are now
failing, and the only person who can repair them is engineer, Mo, and her versatile

Driven to protect her family and friends, Mo sets out on a quest where she encounters a cast
of curious creatures along the way. But, as she uncovers the truth of the islands and the
giants living below the surface, she will begin to learn that maybe her focus and stoic
ambition are not always the assets she believes them to be. It’s a journey that will have
players discovering more about the islands and Mo, while also having them examine their
own lives and priorities. It’s this realization that leads Mo on a journey over the haunted
islands of her homeworld and into the depths of her subconscious.

Minute of Islands is brought to vibrant life through its bold comic-book art style. It’s a look
that sets the world apart from other games and adds to the charming personality of all of the
strange and wonderful characters that Mo meets on her adventures. The world of the game
is full of intricate details and tiny discoveries in nooks and crannies waiting to be explored.

● Use the wand-like Omni-Switch to solve environmental puzzles
● Unravel an emotional, poetic story of self-exploration
● Explore a colorful and fantastic world across multiple unique islands
● Meet curious characters and uncover the islands’ secrets
● Enjoy hand-drawn comic-style visuals and deeply atmospheric soundtrack
Find out more about Minute of Islands at Gamescom and PAX West.

Begin a journey of self-discovery with Minute of Islands when it comes to PC, Xbox One, PS4
and Switch Q1 2020.




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