Shovel Knight Wii U Game Overview

Shovel Knight Wii U Banner

Shovel Knight is a Wii U action / adventure game that is reminiscent of the games of old. Featuring nostalgic 8-Bit graphics, Shovel Knight looks like a game taken out of the 90’s. The developer Yacht Club Games has taken great strides in preserving an old-game charm. Shovel Knight is a side scrolling platforming game like Castlevania and other action games like it. From the demo videos on Nintendo’s site you can see how rich and diverse the challenges are. Shovel Knight looks like a blend of Megaman & Contra mixed together. Shovel Knight also offers other features like multilayered parallax backgrounds and and relic enhancements to enhance the players shoveling skills. Shovel Knight doesn’t have a set release date yet, but you can probably bet we’ll see it early next year (2014). For a glimpse at Shovel Knight’s graphics see the screenshots below.

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