High Voltage Software Details For Conduit 2 for Wii

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Not long ago Sega announced that Conduit 2 was being pushed back into 2011, disappointing many Wii fans. Luckily a recent trailer for Conduit 2 appeared on the Nintendo Channel, disclosing more info on the Wii’s next big shooter.

Along with a February 2011 date, the trailer showcased some other interesting things. For starters the levels in Conduit 2 look massive, like Halo 3 big. For instance one part of the trailer has the giant caverns covered in snow. They look extremely steep with the depth of the world being more impressive than in the original Conduit game. Sega has already gone on the record about the local multiplayer modes and “Team Invasion” mode which is similar to Halo’s “Firefight” mode. The trailer didn’t show anything new besides a couple of screenshots of a local multiplayer shootout. But the trailer did show some new weapons that haven’t been seen on YouTube videos. The exact characteristics of these guns remains a secret because of the gameplay showing them didn’t haven’t have them firing at anyone.

So with only a little bit of additional info on Conduit 2 how does it differ from “The Conduit”? By watching the countless E3 videos, we at Nintenfan have come up with a decent list of the details for Conduit 2.

1. Graphically superior over the original, Conduit 2 has some beautiful lighting effects. Overall Conduit 2 feels a lot like Halo 3, even the boxart seems inspired by the Halo universe.

2. Original ideas – The Conduit had plenty of unique ideas thrown into it, but Conduit 2 enhances these while bringing in more. For instance players will be able to use their ASE in the single player campaign to uncover “Secret Directions” to hidden “level islands”. From a HVS spokesperson they “act a lot like the small islands in Zelda Wind Waker” allowing the player to explore a massive universe of small levels. These levels don’t have to be checked out and explored, but are optional. But by exploring them players will be able to find secrets, like designs for weapons or even more directions else where.

3. Central hub (The Big Conduit) – Conduit 2 contains a central hub in the campaign mode allowing the player to use it like a massive wormhole. The player can use it to continue different single player missions or enter secret directions from their ASE to travel to secret locations.  This seems like a major improvement over the original level designs seen in the first game.

4. So much info on the multiplayer has come out, but here’s one you may not have heard. According to HVS Conduit 2 will allow strangers to talk to each other using the “Wii Headbangers Head Set”. This seems shocking, but there are YouTube Videos interviewing HVS employees saying exactly this. If this turns out to be true, which we believe it it, than we can finally welcome the Wii into the Social generation.

5. Controls – The Conduit had the best controls options of any FPS in history. With almost limitless customization options, Conduit 2 continues what the first game started. But this time it includes support for Wii Motion Plus and Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro. Giving players even more options helps players of all types enjoy what could be the greatest game for the Wii.

Look forward to more Conduit 2 news as it becomes available here on nintenfan.com.

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