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Game Name : Final Fantasy Explorers
Release Date : 01/26/2016
Publisher : Square Enix
Developer : Square Enix
Official Game Website :
Genre : Role Playing (RPG)
Players : 1 - 4 Players
System : Nintendo 3DS
Also On : N/A
Review Score : 7.7 / 10


Official Game Description

EXPLORE A NEW WORLD. Adventure Solo or Together With Co-op

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FINAL FANTASY EXPLORERS focuses on cooperative play with friends, utilizing a refined party system allowing Explorers to master over 20 jobs, each offering unique ways to defeat or even recruit the realm’s mightiest monsters. Players will have the ability to call upon the powers of eidolons like Ifrit and Bahamut, as well as to transform into legendary characters from the FINAL FANTASY series via the Trance ability. Multiplayer functionality is enabled through the Nintendo 3DS™ wireless communication.


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