Monster Hunter Generations Free DLC Features Fire Emblem & Mega Man

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Capcom announced today that Monter Hunter Generations will have new DLC content coming this October, which will feature Fire Emblem, Mega Man and Ghosts ‘n Goblins themed content. Just in time for Holloween, the latest DLC comes with new Hunter and Felyne gear, and includes new items, arena challenges and quests. Capcom also stated that new DLC content will be made available the first Friday of every month, all the way through the first part of next year (2017). Check out the list on the latest DLC pack for Monster Hunter Generations below. There’s even a new Zombie Cat Palicoes. The next content batch of DLC will be made available on November 4th, so please check back often.


Quest: (HIGH) Fire Emblem: Warding Despair
Objective: Hunt a Hyper Silver Rathalos
Rewards: Lodestar Set, Falchion


Quest: (HIGH) Ghosts ‘n Goblins: Seeing Red
Objective: Hunt a Hyper Rathalos
Rewards: F Arthur Set


Quest: (HIGH) Mega Man: Yellow Devil
Objective: Hunt a Hyper Royal Ludroth
Rewards: F Rushing Hammer, F Mega Set


Quest: (HIGH) Blazing Thunder at USJ
Objective: Hunt a Hyper Astalos and a Hyper Glavenus
Rewards: Star Rook Set, Promising / Halcyon / Lucid / Dreamy Sets (High Rank), Starlight Axe, F Star Set

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Quest: (HIGH) Dance of Dreams at USJ
Objective: Hunt a Mizutsune and a Malfestio
Rewards: Blue Star Set, Starlight Gate, F Supreme Set

Added DLC Quests

Quest: Event: Slay a Glavenus
Objective: Slay a Glavenus

Quest: Event: Slay a Mizutsune
Objective: Slay a Mizutsune

Quest: Event: Slay a Lagiacrus
Objective: Slay a Lagiacrus

Quest: Event: Slay an Astalos
Objective: Slay an Astalos

Quest: Event: Slay a Gammoth
Objective: Slay a Gammoth

New PALICOES For Monster Hunter Generations (October DLC)

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Zombie Cat


99x Honey
20x Mega Potion
20x Mega Demondrug
20x Mega Dash Juice
20x Max Potion
10x Ancient Potion
20x Hunter’s Drink
50x Golden Egg
30x Slickaxe
30x Heavy Armor Sphere

To download the free DLC, load your copy of Monster Hunter Generations and select the Download menu from the start screen and follow the steps to download all the DLC. After that, load your character and talk to the following NPCs for each type of content.

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