Nintendo Announces Real-Life Zelda adventure with ‘Defenders of the Triforce’

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Nintendo announced a collaboration with SCRAP  to design a real-life Zelda adventure called the “Defenders of the Triforce” multi-city Puzzle Tour. Unlike other SCRAP escape room experiences, Defenders of the Triforce will allow guests to interact with classic items and characters in the Zelda series. Using discovered items, participants can solve puzzles and move forward into other areas, just like a Zelda game. Participants will work together to solve a mystery in a large area within a set time limit. After completing the main puzzle experience, attendees will enter an area with amazing photo opportunities and a promotional lounge, where fans can purchase exclusive merchandise based on The Legend of Zelda.


“At Nintendo, we’re always looking for ways to offer new experiences for all of our fans, and expose our characters and franchises to new audiences,” said Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Partnering with SCRAP allows us to offer a new perspective on this legendary series.”


The “Defenders of the Triforce” Puzzle Tour will be hitting eight cities all around the country beginning in January. Unfortunately most of the cities are either on the east coast or west coast, leaving the mid-west out of luck. Tickets for the first wave of locations are available today and can be reserved by visiting The full schedule is as follows:

SCRAP – Defenders of the Triforce – City Tour Schedule

  • San Francisco – Jan.31-Feb. 5
  • Los Angeles – Feb. 10-12
  • San Diego – Feb. 24-25
  • Seattle – TBA
  • Phoenix – TBA
  • Houston – TBA
  • Chicago – TBA
  • New York – TBA

SCRAP is a company that produces escape room experiences, which in 2016 won USA Today’s “Best Escape Room” in the U.S. Escape room experiences usually invole a group of participants who work together to escape a room or set of rooms within a certain time limit. For more information on “Defenders of the Triforce” visit Nintendo’s official webpage.



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