Ikaruga for Nintendo Switch Release Date Trailer

Ikaruga release date Nintendo Switch

Nicalis releases a release date trailer for Ikaruga on the Nintendo Switch!

The vertical-scrolling shooter Ikaruga will release on the Nintendo Switch this month, on May 29th. The latest trailer shows a wide variety of new gameplay footage but runs for less than 1-minute. The game will feature a variety of classic game modes that made the series a hit back when it originally released in 2001. Ikaruga is famous for its intense action and hard difficulty. The Switch version will feature 5 unique stages filled with explosive details. The game will support 2-player co-op with a 2nd player being able to join via local play. Ikaruga on the Switch will also support classic vertical screen orientation the series is known for. The Switch version will also support playing the game in horizontal mode also. You can watch the official release date trailer for Ikaruga on the Switch below.

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