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Pirate Pop Plus for the Wii U, found in our video game database.

Game Name : Pirate Pop Plus
Release Date : 10/20/2016
Publisher : 13AM Games
Developer : dadako
Official Game Website :
Genre : Action
Players : 1 Player
System : Wii U (eShop Only)
Also On : Nintendo 3DS
Review Score : N/A

MSRP : Not Available
UPC : Unavilable
ASIN : Unavilable

Official Game Description

Join Pete Jr on his quest to defeat the nefarious Bubble Pirate, an evil villain who has trapped the innocent townsfolk in bubbles! Dodge and pop bubbles with your anchor while collecting power-ups and managing Bubble Pirate’s constant gravity-switching mischief! When you feel at your Piratey-est, test your skill in the ultra-challenging Hyper Mode… The game may be faster and harder, but you’ll find treasures beyond your wildest dreams. Coins as far as the eye can see! Collect coins to unlock content in the game’s shop like new music, new faceplates, buttons, backlights, and even characters for your bubble-popping mayhem! Yarr!


Details on Buying the 3DS & Wii U version with the same Nintendo Network ID:

Buy or own the Nintendo 3DS version of Pirate Pop Plus and receive a free digital copy for the Wii U version and vice versa. The same Nintendo Network ID must be linked to your Wii U and Nintendo 3DS systems as well as your Nintendo eShop account prior to purchase in order to be eligible for the offer.

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