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Game Name : Runbow Deluxe Edition
Release Date : 11/01/2016
Publisher : Nighthawk Interactive
Developer : 13AM Games
Official Game Website :
Genre : Platforming, Racing
Players : 1 - 9 Players
System : Wii U
Also On : Nintendo 3DS
Review Score : N/A

MSRP : $29.99
UPC : 865790000131

Official Game Description

  • Join Hue and Val as they race through over 140 challenges in Adventure to stop the evil Satura once and for all
  • Take on the Bowhemoth, if you dare: one, uninterrupted gauntlet of our toughest levels inside the belly of an enormous beast!
  • -Play multiplayer locally or online with up to 9 players in any mode, or master Adventure and Bowhemoth all by yourself!

Runbow Deluxe Edition Editor’s Note:

The staff at Nintenfan are in love with the Runbow series. As soon as the game releases you can expect a review from our Wii U team. With up to 9 players, Runbow continues to be one of the best coach parties this console generation. Nintendo’s relationship with some of the indie companies on the Wii U is supplying Nintendo fans with quality software available as full-fledged retail products.

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The Runbow Deluxe Edition includes the critically acclaimed Wii U party game with all the DLC. New DLC includes new levels, costumes/ characters, game modes and more! Runbow is a fast, frantic game for 1-9 players that will keep you running back for more. The world changes with each swipe of the background, so you’ll have to stay on your toes as platforms and obstacles disappear. If you can’t see something, it doesn’t exist. Play with up to 9 friends locally or online. With hundreds of levels, dozens of costumes, and more indie guest characters than you can handle, you better get ready to Runbow!

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Runbow Deluxe Edition DLC (Digital Download Content) Content

Runbow Deluxe Edition for the Wii U contains all the DLC included with Runbow Pocket Edition for the Nintendo 3DS.

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