The Grinder Wii Release Date, Gameplay and More

The Grinder for the Wii Screenshot

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The Grinder Wii – Is the Game Ever Coming?

Many Wii fans are wondering if The Grinder is going to see a release, or if the game is being shelved. With HVS laying-off over 30 of it’s employees earlier this year many are under the assumption that The Grinder is lost. Currently the Grinder is still without a publisher, and hasn’t given out any detailed release date info other than the vague ‘sometime in 2011’. So is the Grinder ever going to see the light of day? We think so, and this is why. Here’s everything we know of the Grinder’s gameplay, story, weapons – all of which are reasons why this title like other HVS games on Wii is going to happen.

The Grinder Wii Game Description:

High-Voltage Software, the makers of 2009’s The Conduit and the upcoming Conduit 2, stated some specifics on another game their developing, The Grinder. The details came shortly after the announcement that the once exclusive Wii title was also being designed for the Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. High Voltage said that the Wii’s version would be unique compared to the other systems, which are getting a drop down shooter. The Wii’s version began as an FPS, and was being designed using the same game engine developed during the production of The Conduit. Confusion began because the Grinder was originally a Wii exclusive. But when the announcement came that it was also being made for the Xbox 360 and PS3, another Wii FPS seemed to diminish.

Luckily developers put our troubles at ease, and announced that the Wii’s version of the Grinder would stay true to it’s original design. And why not? They already have the best game engine on the Wii, putting tons of voltage in their technology like the company’s name states.

Many are true believers in the Wii’s FPS abilities, with the Wii remote leading the way. The motion controller feels natural when gunning down enemies, and like the Conduit proved last year, the precision can be better than a standard controller. The Grinder Wii is similar to Left for Dead, a zombie survival FPS that received much acclaim. Vampires and Werewolves will be a major part of the Grinder, which the screen shots show are being well designed and look amazing on the Wii. The Grinder is an important Wii title, being made by a company that has shown the system a lot of love. With separate attention being divided between Wii and ‘PS360’, the Wii’s version is looking like something special, with a central theme based around local and online multiplayer. Look forward to more news on The Grinder, and check out or forum, where you can give the folks at High-Voltage Software some suggestions for the Grinder.


High Voltage Software has stated that The Grinder is scheduled for release in 2011. The game is currently in need of a publisher, but expect Sega if Conduit 2 sells well. The Wii version will most likely release late next year, as a late fall or early winter release. Because of the Conduit 2 coming on February 15th, HVS will be focused on selling that, but we have all faith in The Grinder releasing in 2011.


The Grinder’s story takes place in an alternate universe where werewolves, zombies and vampires are real. The story centers around four monster hunters who are hired by and organization called “Book” (seriously what’s HVS thing with secret organizations). The monster hunters are hired to investigate the source of the monster outbreaks and to deal with them by any means necessary.


Taking control of one of the four monster hunters, each player will attempt to survive and finish each level. The Grinder supports four players, so cooperation is a big part of the Grinder’s experience. Think Left for Dead and that about sums up The Grinders Gameplay experience. Enemies come in large packs, and are fierce, forcing the player(s) to use different strategies to survive. Taking down slews of enemies can be accomplished through different tactics, like shooting a fuel barrel or lighting them on fire. Of course The Grinder is a FPS so head shots will speed up the killing a bit.


Currently The Grinder videos and screen-shots show only a few different weapon types. Knowing HVS their will be many weapons to find and use in the fight. The amount of detail on the guns for the Wii version is especially nice, taking an old western look with engravings on the sides handles of the weapon. Another weapon feature that the Grinder supports is dual wielding, which hasn’t shown up in any Wii FPS yet. Using the nun-chucks trigger buttons and the Wii remotes, players can shoot from either respective weapon. Expect more details on The Grinder’s weapon functions when they become available from HVS.

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