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motoheroz review
Our review for one of the best WiiWare games ever!

UPDATE : 3/10/2014 : MotoHeroz WiiWare Review. This review has been republished from our old Wii game review archive. This review is based on an older article written in 2011. You can still enjoy MotoHeroz on the Wii U by purchasing the game via the Wii mode’s Shop channel.

motoheroz wii screenshot
MotoHeroz has great graphics and music!

MotoHeroz is without a doubt the most impressive Wiiware game released so far this year (2011). With all the talk going around about the lack of games on Nintendo systems it seems that a majority of the gaming press has over looked this marvelous download. MotoHeroz is a side scrolling racer that combines intricate physics with well planned level design and play mechanics. The layer upon layer of little extras reveals the amount of energy that went into the designing of MotoHeroz. MotoHeroz is fun alone or with 3 other friends. RedLynx also included a non-novelty online mode, which contains many hours of replay value. What really impresses me is the amount of effort that seemed to be placed into every aspect of the game. Everything from music and sound effects, to foregrounds and and lighting is top-notch A+ work. If your looking for a download that compares nicely to a digital download from a PS360 Console than look no further. MotoHeroz will have you losing track of time as you attempt over and over to successfully complete it’s amazing levels. Expect to pay a premium price of $15.00 to download MotoHeroz, but this is money well spent as you’ll discover in this review. MotoHeroz has everything going for it, even add-on content which can be purchased for $5.00. With over 100 tracks, 3 different game modes, tons of cars and a huge multiplayer mode, MotoHeroz is definitely one of the must have games of 2010 / 2011 for Wii owners.

Gameplay & Controls
As a side scrolling racer MotoHeroz contains some fairly simple controls. Pressing on the gas players race to the goal, racing off jumps, loops and other formations. The physics make the game challenging and fun. Extra attention was given to MotoHeroz’s physics engine, which is very precise and will be the biggest hazard to lead foot racers. The perfect physics mixed with simple controls makes MotoHeroz a compelling simple game that’s easy to understand and learn but hard to master. The gameplay is dead on for a game of this type and is one of the biggest strengths of MotoHeroz.

MotoHeroz looks amazing, and is one of the best looking Wiiware games ever released. The powerful graphics are complimented by a unique art style. Player’s will appreciate the extra details that bring the world of MotoHeroz alive. The charming landscapes feature meta-physical backdrops, which help inspire thoughts of a much larger unique world within. Enjoying the games well done visuals is made even better by appropriate lighting. Mixing a good unique art style with one of the best graphic engines seen in a Wiiware game gives MotoHeroz a thumbs up in visuals.

MotoHeroz features both a local multiplayer and online multiplayer mode. Both modes support up to four players. One of the most addictive aspects of MotoHeroz is the multiplayer. MotoHeroz can turn a room into a heated tournament because of it’s rich multiplayer replay value. The way the stages are built make MotoHeroz an easy multiplayer hit. The easy yet deep controls/gameplay allow MotoHeroz to be the perfect Wiiware party game. The online mode in MotoHeroz is also more than a novelty, which is nice to see in a Wiiware game. Along with leader-boards there are daily tournaments, online match making and more. MotoHeroz will have you playing with your friends and online strangers for months to come.

Music and Sound
From MotoHeroz’s Wiiware channel on the Wii’s Home Menu you’ll be surprised by the delightful little tune that sounds when you launch MotoHeroz. The music in MotoHeroz is exciting and enchanted. Every level set contains it’s own music. The futuristic techno fits well with MotoHeroz’s strange yet creative world. Like everything else in the game the music in MotoHeroz is top quality, something we’d expect in a packaged retail product.

Replay Value
MotoHeroz contains hours-upon-hours of replay value. Even without the additional expansion download you can expect MotoHeroz to be one Wiiware game that will drain you of all your free time. Like Mario Kart or Micro Machines racing, MotoHeroz provides hours of entertainment for friends and family. The four player mode has plenty of tracks to pick from. Add in the power-ups, crazy tracks, physics and controls and you’ll have a Wii game everyone will enjoy.

motoheroz screenshot 2
MotoHeroz underwater physics and gameplay.

Conclusion MotoHeroz is everything Wii owners have been asking for in terms of content, graphics and online modes. The $15 price point will discourage some buyers but don’t be turned away. MotoHeroz’s higher price is definitely worth it. The game is packed with content, and has some of the most addictive mutltiplayer options we’ve seen in a Wiiware game. MotoHeroz’s professional presentation and great graphics also justify the higher cost. MotoHeroz is a sleeper hit that does it all, it’ll be hard finding value like MotoHeroz.

MotoHeroz Review Score

  • Controls – 9.5 / 10
  • Gameplay – 9.5 / 10
  • Graphics – 8.75 / 10
  • Multiplayer – 9.0 / 10
  • Music & Sound – 8.5 / 10
  • Replay Value – 9.5 / 10
  • Final Score – 9.1 / 10

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