Rango Hat & Rango Suit Added to Super Mario Odyssey

Rango Hat & Suit Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo announced via Twitter that the Rango Hat and Rango Suit are now available in Super Mario Odyssey. To get the 2 new items players first must complete the main game. After beating the main story you’ll be able to purchase the Rango Hat & Suit at the shop. If you remember from the game, Rango is one of the Broodals – the skinnier bunny with the saw bladed hat. Price and in-game descriptions are listed below.

Rango Hat, Price 1500 Coins: A near-perfect replica of Rango’s hat…except for the awesome saw blades and trampoline capability. Sigh…

Rango Suit, Price 3,000 Coins: A humble outfit that does the job effectively, if not glamorously. Or efficiently. Or smartly. Or even not-dumbly.

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