Fire Emblem Heroes Updated to Version 2.5.0

FE Heroes Update 2.5.0

Update 2.5.0 Brings New Changes to the Arena, Weapons Refinements & More!

The official Fire Emblem Heroes website announced that update version 2.5.0 will be available soon. The most recent update to the popular mobile game brings many new changes and refinements to a variety of areas in the game. You can view in-depth details on the latest update within the in-game notifications menu.


Update to the Arena

  • Chain bonus will have a max of 5 consecutive victories
  • Earn rewards for consecutive victories in the form of Chain Rewards. Rewards can be earned once per season.
  • Offense Rewards will no longer be given out
  • Bonus allies will get stat boosts similar to the Tempest Trails
  • Bonus allies will gain HP+10, Atk+4, Spd+4, Def+4 and Res+4

Weapon Skills and the Weapon Refinery

The latest update to Fire Emblem Heroes brings new unit-specific weapon skills to Heroes listed below at 5★ by spending SP. Each weapon goes will a specific hero, with the weapon listed first followed by the hero/heroines name and title.

  • Rhomphaia – Hero – Clair: Highborn Flier
  • Camilla’s Axe – Hero – Camilla: Bewitching Beauty
  • Yato – Hero – Corrin: Fateful Prince

New Improvements to Tap Battle

  • Extra Stages
  • Cleared stages allow your heroes to gain Hero Merit based on battle results
  • Previous notifications for the next stage will appear

A whole slew of other changes are also being updated in the 2.5.0 version of Fire Emblem Heroes. See the entire 2.5.0 update details here.


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