Five Reasons To Get Excited For Super Mario Run


I have five reasons to get excited for Super Mario Run, which was just announced yesterday at the Apple Keynote speech. As a huge Nintendo fan I have to admit that I was a little disappointed when Nintendo announced that they would be entering the app business by targeting mobile devices with some of their strongest franchises. But after the super success of Pokemon GO I’ve had a bit of a change of heart, and now I’m excited for Nintendo’s hopeful domination of the app industry. Below are my top 5 reasons to get excited for Super Mario Run, this of coarse is written by a die-hard Nintendo fan.


  1. Super Mario on the Go – I know there are Rom and other pirated apps that let you play old school Mario games, but these aren’t from Nintendo, and in fact should be banned on the app stores for Android and iPhone/iPad. Having a real Nintendo made Mario game built for phones sounds fun.
  2. Beating Others Score & Times – Super Mario Run is going to have three modes, one of which allows players to beat other player scores and level clear times.
  3. Game Looks Easy & Fun – Super Mario Run looks like it plays like a traditional “runner game”. Being able to play with only one hand will make this a Super Mario game that has a very easy learning curve, and will allow more people to get into some Mushroom Kingdom action.
  4. Low Price – I know it’s not saying much, but I’ve a ton of money on Mario & friends over the years. I’m hoping for a low price point for Mario’s IOS release, hopefully under $10.
  5. Nintendo Domination of App Store Sales Charts – Hey Rovio and others, watch out Nintendo is coming! After years of criticizing Nintendo for being old-fashioned, these successful app companies are probably very fearful of Nintendo entrance onto mobile devices. The idea that these competitors are fearing Nintendo’s family friendly franchises puts a smile on every Nintendo fan’s face.


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What do you think, are you excited for Super Mario Run? Let us know using the comments below.

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