Our Nintendo 64 Classic Edition Game Wish List

Nintendo 64 Classic Edition Mock-Up

We put together a list of every game we’d like to see in a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition!

Our Wish List of Games Included on a Theoretical Nintendo 64 Classic Edition

With the releases of both the NES Classic Edition and the SNES Classic Edition it almost seems inevitable that we’ll be seeing a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition. So if Nintendo released a Classic version of the N64 what games would it include? The number of games included on a theoretical N64 Classic Edition would hopefully outnumber the 21 included in the Super NES Classic Edition. Many of the N64 greatest games fit on cartridges with less than 50 MB of storage space. Most N64 cartridges could hold between 32 – 64 MB. Many smaller games could fit on a 12 MB cartridge, so in terms of storage space required Nintendo could put many titles on a Classic Edition N64. Nintendo could fit 32 N64 titles on a system with 1GB of system ram (1000MB / 32 =  31.25). Here’s our list of 32 different N64 games we’d like to see in a N64 Classic Edition. If the N64 Classic Edition is real we’d hope it would include support for 4 controllers & built in rumble (like the rumble pack). Things like the Expansion pack could be emulated easily, so our list of games will include Expansion Pack titles.


Nintendo 64 Classic Edition Game List Hopefuls

  1. Super Mario 64 – The classic 3D platformer, a must (a most obvious) game to be included on the N64.
  2. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – The first 3D Zelda, and one of the best.
  3. The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask – One of the titles that would require the N64 Classic Edition to emulate the Expansion Pack. Since Nintendo’s ported the game to the Wii & Wii U Virtual Console this seems do-able.
  4. Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards – This charming / colorful game features a solid 1-player mode along with a fun mini-game selection for up to 4 players. Not to mention the fun 64-bit story sequences that sit in-between the games stages.
  5. GoldenEye 007 – Yeah, probably not going to appear on a Classic Edition N64 due to licensing issues. The importance of this pioneering fps includes its multiplayer mode along with simple console fps mechanics that are still seen in shooters today. If the N64 Classic Edition is a selection of the best, most important titles the console ever saw than missing GoldenEye would be a serious shame.
  6. Ogre Battle 64: Persons of Lordly Caliber – One of the few traditional RPGs on the N64, this Atlus game would be highly recommend to JRPG strategy games.
  7. F-Zero 64 – The futuristic racer was a big hit on the N64 back in the 90’s. 1-4 players along with an awesome soundtrack. Maybe Nintendo could include the F-Zero Expansion Pack seen on the N64 DD as a never before released title (in North America) like they did with Star Fox 2 on the SNES Classic Edition?
  8. Yoshi’s Story – A solid 2D platformer, with a unique art style in a similar spirit as Yoshi’s Island on the SNES. Yoshi’s Story for the N64 is a great platformer for young gamers and adults.
  9. Quest 64 – Not a favorite of every N64 owner, but a required title nonetheless. Quest 64 is one of the only RPGs on the system. With a giant world and a combat system that’s easy to learn, Quest 64 is a good example of a non-JRPG.
  10. Mario Kart 64 – It would be a video game crime if Nintendo didn’t include Mario Kart 64 on a Classic Edition N64. The 1-4 player split screen racer was one of the system’s most popular titles.
  11. Donkey Kong 64 – This giant game is one of the biggest N64 games ever released. The game utilized the expansion pack back in the day, but we feel could easily be emulated on a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition.
  12. Super Smash Bros. – The original Super Smash began on the N64. The hybrid fighter soon became one of Nintendo’s most powerful game series. Including this on a N64 Classic Edition would be a must!
  13. Pokémon Stadium – Having a Pokémon game on the N64 Classic Edition would make a lot of sense since the series got started during the console’s time at market. While many of the game’s features wouldn’t work (N64 transfer pack), the game would still be fun with its built-in roster of the first generation of Pokémon’s.
  14. Star Fox 64 – The reason why Star Fox 2 never released. The 64-bit Star Fox included a 4 player split-screen battle mode along with a fun solo campaign mode.
  15. Sin & Punishment – The arcade style shooter never released in North America, but did see a release on the Wii Shop Channel as a download title. The game does contain English voiceover. This would be one of the few games that Nintendo could use to get North American fans excited over a N64 Classic Edition.
  16. Harvest Moon 64 – While the original Super Nintendo Harvest Moon was missing from the SNES Classic Edition we’d still hope for Harvest Moon 64 on the Classic Edition N64.
  17. Star Wars Rogue Squadron – One of the games that really showcased the power of the Nintendo 64. The graphics in this game set it apart from other games releasing back when it released. There’d be some licensing work to do (Disney/Lucus) but it would be great to see this title on a Classic Edition N64. Star Wars Rogue Squadron was an exclusive N64 title back in the day, and would make sense as an entry in a classic roster of 64 bit games.
  18. Mario Party – The first Mario Party would have to be apart of the Classic Edition’s roster of games. The 1st title to set the Mario Party series in motion got started on the N64.
  19. Paper Mario – Mario’s 1st paper styled RPG started on the Nintendo 64. One of the few RPGs to grace the console, Paper Mario’s charming story and funny characters make this a must for the Nintendo 64 Classic.
  20. Mario Tennis 64 – One of the best Mario Tennis games, would also help to diversify the systems selection of games. Mario Tennis 64 is a 1-4 player game.
  21. Mario Golf – Mario Golf on the N64 will bring the Classic Edition even more replay value and choice. Like Mario Tennis 64, Mario Golf supports 4 player fun!
  22. Castlevania 64 – Not everyone’s favorite CastleVania games, but a deep game with pioneering gameplay. This title also is a great example of how game technology has evolved over the years (the camera’s in Castlevania 64 we’re horrendous).
  23. Mega Man 64 – The N64’s only Mega Man game would give the Classic Edition some additional meat. Mega Man 64 isn’t a exclusive to the N64, but was in its best form on Nintendo’s console (graphics).
  24. 1080 Snowboarding – One of the best snowboarding games of the 90’s and early 2000’s. 1080 Snowboarding showcased the system’s amazing graphics while pioneering gameplay in the snowboarding video game genre.
  25. Gauntlet Legends – A solid 1-4 player hack-n-slash, Gauntlet Legends would provide a N64 Classic Edition with a great multiplayer game.
  26. Cruis’n USA – A hallmark port of the popular arcade game was an early example of the horsepower the N64 had. 1 -2 players would give the N64 Classic Edition a solid arcade racer.
  27. Pokemon Snap – A unique game back when it released, Pokemon Snap is a considered a classic by many 64 owners. The on-rails photo capturing game is one of the best spin-offs from the main Pokemon series.
  28. Bomberman 64 – Hudson’s (RIP) unofficial mascot had one of his best entries on the N64.
  29. Tetris 64 – One of the more underrated Tetris games from the 90’s, Tetris 64 would round-out the Classic Editions puzzle roster. Fun to play, 1-4 players.
  30. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter – While the original publisher Acclaim is long dead, this special fps first got its start on the N64 back in 1997. Turok would give the Nintendo 64 Classic Edition a much needed fist-person shooter.
  31. Pilotwings 64 – The original Pilotwings was missing from the SNES Classic Edition, hopefully the 64’s version wouldn’t be missing from the N64 Classic Edition. One of the first Nintendo 64 games to release this is a fun title that would greatly benefit a N64 Classic Edition.
  32. Wave Race 64 – Another great multiplayer game, Wave Race 64 should be a definite, right? It would give the Classic Edition N64 some additional choice among genres.


That’s our wish list of games we’d like to see on a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition. What games would you like to see? Let us know using the comments below.



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