Super Smash Bros Confirmed Roster Wii U & 3DS

super smash bros
Our updated / Super Smash Bros Roster For Wii U & 3DS.

Super Smash Bros Confirmed Roster

Update | Rosalina & Luma Announced For Next Super Smash Bros – 12/23/2013

Here’s our list of confirmed characters coming to next Super Smash Bros on the Wii U & 3DS. Nintendo is constantly adding new characters to the roster. This list of  characters is always changing. Check back often to see if Nintendo has announced any new Super Smash Bro characters. If you notice any missing characters please let us know about it. Currently most of the characters are 1st party Nintendo franchises. Expect other guest characters besides Sonic & Megaman to be added. Since Namco is helping with the development we may see characters from Namco’s long history.

Other characters will be added before the game ships. We could see more Sega and Namco characters enter the roster as we approach the game’s release date. Some of our ideas include Protoman (Megaman Series), Pacman or a character from Namco’s Tales series. Other Possible Nintendo appearances might include characters from Pikmin 3, Cranky Kong or Chibi Robo. With Project Sora managing the development of the next Smash Bros we may see Dark Pit from Kid Icurus Uprising make his way into the next brawl.

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